NexGen Hearing, Vancouver British Columbia, Releases Emotional New Video Introducing the Life-Changing Oticon OPN Hearing Aid Technology

"The Sounds of Life" demonstrates the dangers of moderate-to-severe hearing loss in a new video produced by Steller Sight and Sound and directed by ImageSource Advertising Group Inc.

In five dramatic minutes, "The Sounds of Life" takes viewers through a real-life sequence of events demonstrating the frustration, anxiety and potential danger suffered by those with limited hearing. The video is available both on YouTube and on the NexGen website

"We're pleased to offer Oticon Opn (open), a groundbreaking hearing aid technology," said Marke Hambley, President of NexGen Hearing. "What sets this device apart is its ability to enable people to hear sounds in complex listening environments, from multiple directions compared to older technology. We wanted to demonstrate how life changing this hearing aid can be. This powerful video captures the dangers of hearing loss, and the joy and self confidence that enhanced hearing can bring."

NexGen Hearing called upon the talents of writer/director Dan Whitney of ImageSource Advertising Group and the production expertise of Jay Trusler of Steller Sight and Sound of Whistler, British Columbia. "Renowned for their cutting edge filmmaking techniques and character development, Steller and ImageSource partnered beautifully to create a film that is both visually and emotionally true to life." Hambley said.

"Helen Keller once remarked, 'Blindness separates people from things. Deafness separates people from people,' says Hambley. "Our video shows the powerful truth in that statement, but it also highlights the hope that the latest hearing technology can provide."

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